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Snap151, Round two Dallas, TX

My name is Lillia Whittington, or D.W. and I am the writer and content creator for The D. Diaries! The D. Diaries is a blog all about featuring local and small businesses. From lifestyle brands, online fashion brands, to DFWs hottest brunch spots, The D. Diaries features it all!

Photography by Olivia Arratia

I grew up in Denton, so I know my way around the block! Fun fact, my family is also one of the major families of the City! We have 5 generations of the Dean family currently living in the city. Yes, you read that right FIVE GENERATIONS! So when I say I’ve been around the block, I mean it! My favorite old school stomping grounds were Eureka Park (the first one not Eureka 2), Water Works Water Park, and Beth Marie’s Ice Cream! I’ve called the great City of Denton home for 20 years, and I can’t wait to share it with you readers!

I started The D. Diaries in an effort to spread the word about local events, activities, and shops in Denton, TX. It has grown into a fashion and lifestyle blog that receives 600+ views a month! The D. Diaries still holds true to its roots of supporting local and small businesses. So whether you’re a large brand, or a new startup, The D. Diaries can use fun and unique blog posts, instagram posts, and linkable pins for your business!

I received a degree in fashion design and work in the corporate fashion world as a Technical Designer. So my knowledge of the industry is honestly my greatest blogging strength! The D. Diaries is a constantly growing project, and I am 110% dedicated to the process of growing my brand, and others too! So loves, stay tuned for your daily dose of the diary from Lillia Whittington! (ME!) If you love it share it with world!