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Flower Arranging On A Budget

Hello loves and happy 4th of July! What do you have planned?! This is Fielder and I’s first year married so we might go out to a local place and watch the fireworks!

If you’ve been following along this past weekend on socials, you may have noticed that I threw an event! Not just any event though. The perfect summer fun event! Filled with Babe Rose, Frios Gourmet Popsicles, and teaching attendees how to make flower arrangements on a budget! It was a blast! I met so many new faces of the Denton Community, it was just a fun filled afternoon arranging flowers!

Today on the blog, I wanted to not only share the event with you, but also helpful tips on creating your own budget friendly floral arrangement! But first, here is a massive amount of photos from the event! Recognize any bloggers in the mix? 😉

Life is the flower to which love is the honey

Victor Hugo

Where to get your flowers

I love shopping the Kroger growers bunches. They start at $4 and have everything you need to build a BEAUTIFUL bouquet for under $20! We started with the just add greens, Charmelia, babies breath, and garden roses.

If you have the budget to get local flowers, my favorite Denton Locations are Denton Florist and Flowergraden118. Both have a full and rotating selection of flowers, pre-made bouquets, as well as specialty flowers!

How to clean the flowers

When you build an arrangement, you want to make sure the browning leaves and leaves at the lower stem off. This is to prevent bacteria from growing in the water, as well as prevent the water from turning yellow. I generally prune my greens about 1/3 up from the bottom. Once I pick my flower stems I do the same with them.

How to start arranging

When we are making a bouquet to give to someone, I like to build it like an upside down pyramid. For the arrangements we built, we used the following flowers.

  • 3 greenery strands
  • 2 Charmelia Stalks
  • bunch of babies breath
  • 2 bunches of garden roses

Building with the tall greenery and the taller flowers, like our charmelia, and build the back. Another tip I have is to alter flowers. Greenery, Charmelia, Greens Charmelia, and greens. After the back is built, I fill the center with babies breath and any extra greenery I have. Once it’s full, I add the roses to the bottom of the bouquet. I use the scraps of flowers and babies breath to fit in the empty space in the arrangement. And Viola!

Wrapping your bouquet

The final touch to a sweet hand arranged bouquet is the wrapping of course! But first keeping the flowers fresh until delivery! I just take a soaked paper towel and swaddle the tips of the flowers in the paper towel. Then you just place the swaddled ends in a ziploc bag so the paper won’t get wet.

Now to the fun part, the wrapping! I walked the group through the below technique to wrap our arrangements. Want to pin it? click on the image to direct you to this helpful website!

We had such a blast, I wanted to share our event with everyone! I have some other great hands on events coming up! If you want to be the first to know, follow me on eventbrite! Then you’ll know when I drop events and you’ll get the tickets fiiiiirst!

It was such a treat to serve the community and teach everyone more about flower arrangement on a budget! Thank you to our lovely sponsors, Denton Trading co., Frios Popsicles, and Ten One Artisan Cheese! They helped tie the whole event together! See you loves at the next one!


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