Werk Your Wellness Game With These Materials

Hello loves and welcome back to the blog! Are you loving the June Wellness Series? SO many of you have been DMing me sharing how much you’ve loved the tips and tricks I’ve been sharing!! It just makes my heart flutter with joy knowing I can introduce you all to some of my favorite brands!

Today though, I am going to be sharing my favorite books, podcasts, and apps with you guys! These products have helped me stay on top of my wellness game. While also teaching me new habits that I can build into my routine! I’ve got two books, two podcasts, and one app for you babes! So lets buckle in and get started!

My Top Two Books

The Archetype Diet: Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Change the Shape of Your Body – By Dana Jones

Does anyone else feel like intermittent fasting just isn’t cutting it? Or you’re hitting every orange theory class you can but not seeing the weight drop? What about you could eat carbs for days and not gain a single pound. But start eating veggies and gain weight? This book is for you! Dana Jones discusses the four archetypes of bodies. She discusses the eating habits of The Nurturer, The Wonder Woman, The Femme Fatale, and The Ethereal and how each archetype needs to eat, exercise, and develop a routine for your body that will actually benefit your weightless goals. Even if you aren’t looking to loose weight, this book is still interesting on a psychological level. Dana goes in depth on the what and why of each archetype and how to identify which of the four you are. You can snag a copy of the book on Amazon.

Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type: The Individualized Blood Type Diet – By Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo and Catherine Whitney

This may sound really weird, but this has actually been one of the most helpful and insightful reads in a long time. For me, I now understand why I don’t like certain foods, and why I LOVE other foods! But not only does Dr. D’Adamo go into that, these authors dive into what type of exercise works for you and what will put your body under stress, what supplements will benefit you, how to slow aging, and so much more! This book also contains a 10 day kickstart plan to help you get on the fast track to a better you! You can grab a copy on Amazon, and also grab the complete guide to your personal blood type too!

The good life, is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

Bertrand Russell

My Top Two Podcasts

Almost30 – Hosted by Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik

“Here we go.”

The words I will never tire of hearing. Always one of my top listened podcasts. These two have deep and meaningful conversations surrounding health, wellness, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and more. The guests are so carefully curated by them and their team, you always learn something new. I know for me, these ladies are the reason I started taking the term “self-care” seriously. I started searching inside myself to find what would make me happy, healthy, and thrive. Krista and Lindsey are also some of the inspiration for The D. Diaries! If you have been searching for a real, raw, and honest podcast, this is it ladies and gents. This. Is. It. You can find Almost30 wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also follow these lovely ladies @almost30podcast, and follow Krista Willams here and Lindsey Simcik here

Self Adore by Honey & Be – Hosted By Elly Bannon and Clea Martin

These two ladies have not only built a business on self care (to which I own a few jade roller’s and other products from) but they now have a podcast! These two have carefully curated and developed a podcast reflecting on that it means to Self Adore. Something I know I struggle with on the daily. Because let’s be real, even with all the self care awareness and proof that it’s good for you, it still has a tendency to be frowned upon! Thats why I am SO excited to start listening to the pod Self Adore! Their first episode is up now on Apple and Spotify. Be sure to leave a review if you feel called to!

I feel like knowledge is power: If you know how to take care of yourself, you can be a better version of yourself.

Miranda Kerr

My Top App

There are SO. MANY. APPS. OUT THERE. Quite literally thousands that claim to help you achieve your perfect wellness/weight/life goals. The Only app I use to help my wellness game is MyFitnessPal. Seriously, it helps me track all of my nutrients, my water, my steps/activity, and so much more! I know many people who use MyFitnessPal for their weight loss and management, and find it extremely helpful! For me, it’s more of the accountability partner. I have it set to remind me to log 3 times a day, so that way I can get full pictures of my day! You even can create recipes, custom workouts, and even encourage friends too! Thats probably the best part about MyFitnessPal is the community aspect. After all, doing something alone is never fun. But encouraging others just adds a cherry on top!

These have been my top 5 wellness/health/lifestyle products I have used to not only build up my wellness game, but keep me on track. Theres something about feeding yourself material that just excites me to keep up with my routine! If you’ve used any of the above materials, I’d love to hear how they impacted your life! Head over to the contact page, and drop me your story! And if something has intrigued you thus far in the June Wellness Series, I’d love to hear your story as well! Feel free to always share with your friends, family, colleagues, or heck even your cat!


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