Why You Need Lypo-Spheric Vitamins in Your Routine

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Hello loves and welcome back to the June Wellness Month Series! What did you think of the first June Wellness Post? I received SO MANY DM’s about how helpful the information was and how many people were inspired to start up a routine! It made my heart flutter!

For today’s post though, we are going in depth into a brand I have LOVED using! I’ve mentioned my routine with LivOn labs in the first June Wellness Post, but now I am really going to dive in deep on why this specific supplement has changed my routine. And while that may sound cliche, especially about a product, but it’s that good.

We engineered every facet of our product from the ingredients to the packaging to provide you a better way to absorb vitamins and nutrients.

LivOn Labs

I’ve been using this product for 6 months now, yes daily for 6 months. For me this is a huge step up to adulthood! It means I have formed a fully functional routine that works for me and I have been feeling the benefits! And in today’s post, I want to take a deep dive into why you too need Lypo-Spheric vitamins in your routine!

What is LivOn Labs?

LivOn Labs was started by Les and Cindy Nachman after Les received some bad news about his heart. He needed an immediate heart transplant, or he was going to die. However, after consultation with his cardiologist, they did offer him an alternative. Les started intravenously taking vitamin C three times a week. The benefits started almost immediately for him, and his life was changed!

But traveling to Las Vegas from his home made it extremely hard for him to enjoy his new outlook on life. So, with his knowledge of over 35 years in the dietary industry, he started experiments with encapsulating Vitamin C for the highest absorption in your gut. In 2004, LivOn Labs was founded and began selling their new Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C supplement over the counter to the masses.

What does Lypo-Spheric mean?

When I first say that word, that really big scientific word (Lypo-Spheric), I will admit my intimidation. I mean, it is a big word that isn’t commonly thrown around in daily conversation. Lypo-Spheric is a portmanteau of Liposomal Encapsulation Technology and nanospheres. This basically just means that the supplement you are taking has Vitamin C molecules wrapped in tiny spheres (liposomes) made of the same material that makes up your cells. Meaning that they are better absorbed into your body because the liposomes transports the Vitamin C into the bloodstream and the cells. This is important because often times, usual vitamin C pills aren’t well absorbed into your body because they have trouble even making it from the stomach to the blood!

These supplements are made up of a bunch of phospholipids that form a bubble full of all the good things your body needs! When these phospholipids come in contact with water, they partner together to make a complete bubble that is the liposome. These little guys have heads and tails to them. These tails give them the ability to enter your bloodstream to distribute the nutrients right to the cells!

How are they made?

One of the most unique things about LivOn Labs supplements is how they are made. They are made with the intention of being the best of the best for you! If you look into more of what makes this supplement unique, you’ll see that it is Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Vegan friendly. How many supplements can say that on the current market?

To make their Lypo-Spheric supplements, LivOn Labs uses a process that involves the highest quality soy lecithin companies can get. Soy lecithin has vital nutrients the liposomes use to help in the formation of phospholipids. Meaning that more nutrients are carried within the supplements and carried straight to your blood stream!

If you have a soy allergy, don’t knock this off your list! While yes, LivOn Labs does use soy to help in the development of the supplement. By the end, virtually all of the soy is extracted from the supplements. To date, their lab has never found soy proteins in their final product testing.

I have found LivOn Labs to be extremely easy to add to my daily routine. I take them first thing in the morning using their [pre-measured] shot glass, which makes swallowing them a breeze!


Why is this better for me?

Not only are these particular Lypo-Spheric vitamins one of the best on the market, they are developed for highest absorption of nutrients. Meaning that you’re not wasting money on vitamins that may only be half absorbed. And trust me, you start feeling it in your body really quick! Just with their Vitamin C, the benefits are astounding!

My favorite benefit, besides the amazing immunity building it has, is that LivOn Labs Vitamin C is clinically proven to diminish the signs of wrinkles in 4 weeks. LADIES! This is huge! Why spend HUNDREDS on fancy creams, when the answer is only $33?! Also, did you know that this form of Vitamin C also protects the second layer of skin from the suns UVA rays? So say goodbye to horrendously painful sunburns! You still need at least SPF 50 though, but the Vitamin C helps with the recovery of the cells in the skin.

Final thoughts..

Honestly, I could go on for hours about these supplements. The health benefits, the science, and the sheer uniqueness of this product. My health game is definitely over 9,000 now thanks to LivOn Lab’s carefully curated supplements. I have never felt better, recovered from workouts better, and been this healthy!

If you’re interested in learning EVEN MORE about the technology that LivOn Labs uses, here are a few extra articles for you!

I hope you found this as fascinating, interesting, and intriguing as I did! For me, knowing what is going into my body has become such an important part of my wellness game. I am honored to partner with such an amazing and thriving company as LivOn Labs for June Wellness Month! Be sure to stay tuned for more great tips, tricks, and posts coming soon!


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