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How to Do Vitamins

Hello loves and welcome to June Wellness post number one! This month I am bringing you my favorite wellness, nutrition, and healthy living tips. Especially since most of us are probably working on the illusive “summer body”.

*Obligatory Disclaimer*

Now, I am not a nutritionist and understand that what works for me, may not work for everyone. My hope in June is that I can expose you to brands, trends, and routines that you may find beneficial to your current routine. Or even encourage you to get a solid routine down for yourself! I have partnered with some amazing brands and doctors to bring you a JAM PACKED month of wellness tips and tricks! SO LET’S GET STARTED!

The greatest wealth is health.


I wanted to start with vitamins because this is what I honestly struggled the most with! Finding good brands that promote wellness from within in a pure and healthy way. There are so many brands on the market, sometimes its overwhelming to know where to start! Here are a few brands I know and TRUST when it comes to vitamins and supplements.

LivOn Labs: LivOn labs have perfected the Lypo-Spheric vitamin formula. And if you’re thinking “Gesundheit?!”, basically LivOn Labs creates vitamins in their pure gel forms! I will be diving deeper into this brand in a later post, but for now, here are my top 3 vitamins I use daily from the brand! Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Alpha Liponic Acid. We will be diving deeper into these later!

HUM Nutrition: Have you been struggling to find a gluten free, non GMO, pure and potent form of vitamins, this is your brand! I use Daily Detox, Collagen Pop, Gut Instinct, and Skinny Bird in my daily routine. Mix that with my LivOn Labs supplements and I am golden!

Silver Fern Brand: I first heard about Charity Lighten’s brand on episode #197 of the Almost30 Podcast. While I haven’t tried her product, I have heard so many people have been touched by the effects of this product. If you’re interested, check out their line of gluten free probiotics and products here!

What vitamins do I even start with?!

When starting a vitamin routine, its always good to find a good multivitamin to begin with. My personal favorite is the Olly Women’s Berry Multi-Vitamin, which is easy to get pretty much any drug store! Starting here and building a routine is a great way to start! Once you get into your routine of taking a vitamin every day, adding a probiotic is another great step.

When it comes to adding more vitamins, I highly suggest meeting with your doctor to discuss the right vitamins for you. You may be surprised to find out what you are deficient in! I know for me, taking my vitamin C, probiotic, and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is super important. Being at the top of my game for work is vital, so I have to stay healthy and virus free! Which is where my Vitamin C and Probiotic come into play. The R-Alpha Lipoic Acid helps with my training and gym schedule. By helping heal muscles and increase cell regeneration, its a vital part of my routine!

How to store vitamins on the go?!

If you’re a girl on the go like me, keeping up with any routine can be H-A-R-D HARD! I have two options that I always rely on, if I have my big work bag, I usually just toss the vitamin bottles in a small zip bag and I am on my way. Heres a cute one from urban outfitters! If you’ve got a smaller bag and want to just fill up a pill box, I love this little one from The Detox Market!

Having these easy access always makes it easier to stay on routine on the go! Also, setting alarms on your phone as little reminders to take your vitamins is extremely helpful. That way, you are forming great habits over time. After all, it takes 21 days of constant routine to form any habit! I always wake up first thing in the morning and take my vitamins right after I walk in from the gym. My stomach is empty and my body has the ability to start absorbing the good stuff before the day starts! Then, I toss my vitamins back in my bag and rush off to work!

How do I know my vitamins are working?!

So when starting a vitamin routine, it may take 4-6 weeks of regularly using the vitamins to start seeing and feeling a difference. And I know you’re thinking “that’s a LOOOOOONG time from now?!” But trust me, the wait is worth it!

Take for instance a probiotic. One, always keep them in the fridge! (this is a lesson I learned the hard way…here’s an article to explain more) Two, you’ll know your probiotic is working when you start being regular (insert poo emoji here). You may even feel less bloated and full after meals. I currently use Gut Instinct and Flatter Me, and it did take me about 6 weeks before I felt like the probiotic was fully in my system and working!

I know a vitamin is working for me when I start feeling better too. While that may sound cliche and “Well duh”, I feel more awake during the day. Less sluggish at work, like I don’t need 5 cups of coffee, motivated to finish my day and stay on task. Another way for me to know is I also feel motivated to work out! Getting that summer bod starts from within after all!

This is a lot of information…

While yes, this is a heavy fact and information post. I feel like it is the most important one to kick off June Wellness month with! I have found that starting my health journey from within has been the most beneficial thing for me. And honestly has help step my wellness game up tenfold! My hope is that this month, you gain new knowledge, habits, and routines that work for you! I’ve got a really great line-up coming this month, so you won’t want to miss it!

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