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The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

Hello loves and welcome back to the blog! I know it’s been one hot minute since we’ve seen a weekly diary, a blog post, or even a curated Instagram story from me! This girl has been a BUSY. QUEEN. BEE! And I have been working on many many exciting things for you loves. One of them has been testing out a new med spa in DFW for laser hair removal treatments!

Let me just start by saying that I was genuinely scared to get my first treatment done. There are SO many things on the market about laser hair removal. From the awful pain of it to its not safe. Well, I am here to tell you that thanks to the staff at Zen Med Spas, I have been properly educated on the effects of laser hair removal! Today on the blog, I am here to share them with YOU! Here are my busted myths about laser hair removal, brought to you by Zen Med Spa!

All Smiles Going into My First Treatment with Zen Med Spa!

Laser Hair Removal is Painful!

Not entirely true! While it’s not totally painless, Zen Med Spa uses a state of the art machine called the Venus Velocity. It has a cooling pad attached and cools the skin down to 5 degrees Celsius to prevent extreme discomfort. You can watch the machine at work here! While I do have a higher pain tolerance, the sensitive skin on my underarms barley felt anything! Also, if you prep the night before by shaving the area, if you nick yourself the scratch will have time to heal. And then it won’t hurt the next day! One thing I really appreciated was the “test” laser the staff does before you start treatment. You can let them know if it too painful here! This shouldn’t be an uncomfortable experience, and I love that the staff TRULY takes that to heart!

Laser Hair Removal is too Expensive!

For the price of a pair of shoes, dinner and drinks with friends, a month of starbucks latte’s, or a shopping trip to your favorite store, you could get laser hair removal at Zen Med Spa! For 6 sessions on a small area you only pay $89. Yes, that is allll sessions included for $89! Large and full areas are 6 sessions for $499 too! Zen Med Spa takes the stress out of never having to shave again. Every woman should be allowed to get the beauty treatments she wants! And Zen Med Spa is here to make it happen for you ladies! With flexible appointment times, you’ll get affordable laser hair removable at almost any time!

Laser Hair Removal isn’t Safe!

On the contrary, laser hair removal is FDA approved for the permanent removal of hair in areas. Meaning that in order to perform the procedure, the office must meet strict FDA regulations. Zen Med Spa has state of the art technology, the Venus Velocity, that has been FDA approved for the use of permanent hair removal. The staff are all licensed professionals trained in using the machinery and perform the procedure. And trust me, they do a great job at it!

It’s a procedure, so I’ll need to take a day off!

Wrong! My underarm appointments take about 10 minutes! I am in and out in a matter of minutes. Which is super convenient for me since I am literally always on the go all over DFW! It’s something that can easily be scheduled on a lunch break, before lunch, after an event, whenever you can squeeze in 15 minutes of time to score smooth luxurious skin! And the downtime after your session is little to none. In the time it takes you to walk to your car, any redness will have started to subside, or be totally gone! That is thanks to the cooling plate on the laser itself. It helps prevent irritated skin and ease redness during the process! There is minimal after care which includes no high sweat activities and minimal sun exposure for 24 hours after. This just allows the follicles to heal after they were shot with a laser!So easy, quick, and perfect for the on the go girl! (Like me!) But you could take a day off to shop around at the beautiful Willow Bend Shopping center 😉

After that extra snooze every morning because I NEVER have to shave again!


This is something I have been dying to try for a while now, but I have had all of the above thoughts! When I heard about the price, the actual recovery time, and the facts on laser hair removal, I was floored! This experience with Zen Med Spa has been 5 stars for sure! From the time I walk in, to the time I leave the staff makes sure I am enjoying my time in the spa, and that I am comfortable! Laser hair removal is a luxury that I would 10000% recommend to any woman who hates shaving, waxing, and tweezing. It’s the best thing that has happened to my skincare routine for sure!

And trust me, those extra 10 minutes of sleep every morning are worth the $89 price of laser hair removal!

xoxo, D.W.

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