“Where did you get your SHOES?!”

Happy Thursday loves! I have been dying to share this post with you guys because it’s honestly the number one question I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. And y’all, it’s my favorite one to answer!

“Where did you get your shoes?!”

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For real though, I love my shoes. It’s like the icing on the outfit cake. It’s that perfect end, to the perfect outfit. It’s also my secret sauce with every outfit! Why? Fun Fact: I never spend more that $50 on shoes. I do have a few exceptions, like my clarks desert boots and my wedding shoes. My clarks are shoes that will ALWAYS be in style, they are comfortable, and they will last. And in regards to my wedding shoes, that’s a given 😉

Sam Edelman’s from Nordstrom Rack, and Lirika Matoshi Socks

So today, I wanted to share a couple of my secrets to finding the best shoes, at the best price, from my favorite shops! And trust me, you’ll be surprised for sure!

Shoe stop #1

Target. You know it, you love it, you shop it, you enter those blogger giveaways with the X amount gift cards. So, it’s probably no surprise that this is spot #1 that I grab my shoes at. I specifically shop spring and summer shoes here. Partially because they have the CUTEST clogs and wedges, and they last a couple of seasons! It is also easily accessible and they have hundreds of styles. With price points that are budget friendly, everyone can feel welcome to shop here! I’ve linked my shoes that I have this spring from Target below!

Shoe stop #2

Amazon, yes you heard me right. Amazon has some of the most unique shoes I have found to date. The brand that has constantly been my favorite has bee the J Adams collection. They have sandals, boots, tennis shoes, you name it. Some are amazon prime, but the pair I wear was not, but still arrived in 5 days! Which was so worth it because they are SO CUTE. When I initially posted them, y’all went NUTS! So here they are, in all three glorious colors. My holy grail shoe find. These puppies are TTS and make the perfect pop to any casual look!

Shoe stop #3

Pulling into the last stop right here HOT! Because this one is my guilty pleasure. Nordstrom rack y’all. 90% of my shoes are from here, seriously. I mainly like to buy my boots and nicer shoes here because I will drop a bit more for these shoes. I also did find my Sam Edelman Wedding shoes at Nordstrom rack, for only $67!! The ones I got retail for nearly twice that! I still keep to my rule of under $50 here, and it works out great! Here are a few of my FAVORITE shoes in my shopping cart now at Nordstrom Rack!

The Key To Buying Shoes

My key with my shoes that I buy is I have to fit them with over 10 outfits. That way, I can keep my shoe purchases to a minimum. Even when I am buying emergency pairs in the pouring rain, I still buy with this in mind! I share my closet with my husband, and I want to be fair to his space! It is the polite thing to do after all! (But it also keeps my clothing budget WAY small!)

I also only replace shoes when they are beyond repair. So, my velvet boots that have made it through 3 winters, they’re staying for sure! The charlotte ruse shoes that disintegrated while crossing the street? Thank you, next! As they saying goes…

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Shoe buying can be beneficial to your wardrobe. But have too many options and it can get crazy! By sticking to 3 locations to buy shoes and following my keys to buying shoes, I keep my shoe closet fresh and clean! It also makes picking shoes a BREEZE in the morning!

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