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Make Your Smile Brilliant

Happy Wednesday loves! Who else is already ready for the weekend?! I know I sure am! And one thing is for sure, I am entering the weekend with a brighter and whiter smile! Thanks to Smile Brilliant and their teeth whitening system!

Why teeth whitening trays?

So, let me start off by saying I have always struggled with yellow teeth! I grew up having to take pediatric iron drops. Which in the 90’s, had a tendency to turn your teeth yellow! So now that I am older, and started a daily routine of coffee, wine, soda and all of the other things that can stain your teeth. My teeth could use a weekly whitening!

If you’re like me, you’ve tried probably every. single. trend. To try and whiten your teeth. And you’ve probably even asked your dentist if you qualified for their “in house whitening”. Only to find out that not only does insurance probably not cover it, but out of pocket is close to a small house payment!

The custom trays that Smile Brilliant specialize in are easy to use, comfortable, and are made JUST for you! What my favorite part of using trays is the easy and cleanup of the whitening process. Strips leave weird tastes in your mouth, the charcoal tooth paste is just plain messy, and having your dentist do it means taking a day off! In 1-3 hours, I can whiten my teeth, do laundry, or write this blog post!

But my teeth are so sensitive!

I hear you! My teeth are sensitive to sweets, so sugar and icings make my teeth hurt. Honestly, I never thought I’d have a brilliant white smile because teeth whitening does make your teeth slightly more sensitive. Well, Smile Brilliant thought of everything! They have created a desensitizing gel that you wear for 15 minutes after you whiten your teeth! Then head to bed and wake up with a whiter smile!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The process is simple! Just brush your teeth and floss WITHOUT toothpaste. The fluoride actually slows down the whitening process. Then, fill your whitening trays with a line of whitening gel. Place your trays on your teeth for 45 minutes to 3 hours.

After you take your trays out brush as normal! If you don’t have the desensitizing gel then you’re done! If you do have the gel, all you do is another 15 minutes with that and done!

Confidence boost!

With summer bod posts alllll over instagram, it’s nice to have this confidence boost of a brighter and whiter smile! Honestly, I have been much more confident in my smile! I now Smile Fearlessly, knowing that my smile is FINALLY as bright as my personality!

Did someone say FREE?!

Want to win your own kit? Enter here for a chance to score your own Smile Brilliant T3 Sensitive System for yourself! Just in time for summer, you could also have a brighter and whiter smile! This prize is over $149 value! And STILL cheaper than your dentist whitening system!

I am so excited to have partnered with an amazing company like Smile Brilliant. They truly have their customers on their mind at all times. By creating a whitening system that is safe, effective, vegan and cruelty free. I know I’ll be using Smile Brilliant for all my whitening needs!

Tooth Whitening Gel

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