Werk Your Worwear

Work, work, work, work, work, work
You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work

Rihanna “Work”

Who else struggles with the business casual look? Or business attire in general. What goes, what doesn’t, can I wear jeans, do I still need heels? So. Many. Things. To. Remember! Even down to where to shop for all things business, its overwhelming!

I remember when I landed my ‘big girl job” right out of college, revamping my wardrobe to match my new 9-5 was constantly on my mind. I did the usual trip to banana republic, because that was the one store I knew would have quality work wear. But the prices weren’t friendly for a new college grad with student loan payments looming on the horizon!

So I asked YOU!

Where do you shop for your work wear! Because its hard to build that wardrobe, on any budget! I’ve gathered looks and pieces from stores that YOU suggested (and a few of my favs too 😉 ). I also wanted to share some business casual tips and tricks with you to breath some life into your wardrobe this spring!

LOFT and LOFT Outlet

Y’all, this is probably where I get the majority of all my nice and fun work wear! LOFT constantly has easy to pair fun work appropriate pieces that work and blend well with what I already own. Plus, they have sales quite often! So I don’t have to break the bank shopping here! Like right now, until Sunday, LOFT outlets buy more save more is going on NOW! Did I stock up on work wear?! YOU BET I DID! Plus, LOFT stores have mastered the casual but still fun business look. By adding colors, classic patterns like polka dots and florals, and edging up simple pieces like the button front cardigan. You bet they launched business casual into the 21st century! Here are some of my favorite finds!

Nordstrom Rack

Seriously if you want to shop at Nordstrom (But aren’t quite on that baller level yet). HONEY! Nordstrom Rack is going to be your new best friend! I love Romeo and Juliet Couture and Chelsea28! They have other great brands like Sole Society, free people, and pretty much anything else at Nordstrom!

I love the variety Nordstrom Rack has to offer. And prices are just killer! Whether you’re balling on a budget or want to splurge, the rack is where its at! I’ve found a few of my favorites and linked them down below!


Target, every girls REAL first love. From walking the isles in the dollar section for things I will never really need. To going in for one thing and coming out with a total of $75.64, forgetting the one thing I needed! BUT! Basics are the backbone of every great business casual wardrobe. And I love buying target’s basics! From tee’s to denim, their brand universal threads is my JAM! Easy access too! Pick up your groceries, and your wardrobe goodies! All in one fail swoop! Here are a few of my go too’s.

How to keep it business casual at the office

For me, my rule for business casual is as follows. One, you can wear denim, but keep it dark and non distressed. Two, heels or a proper flat are perfect to dress up the denim or slack. Three, layer it up! Add a jacket or a cardigan for casual meetings. And fourth, accessories are okay, but don’t be to flashy!

Ive got a few examples of how I wear work wear linked below! Click on the photos below for links to the complete outfits!

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