Valentine’s Day: What To Wear

This February, I wanted to bring you loves some Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration! I know for me, this is a holiday I always struggle with how to dress! I never know if I should just go all out and dress up to the nines, or if I want to just be cute and flirty. Either way, this year I am bringing you some of my favorites from my internet finds!

No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy.

Paris Hilton

Queen of Hearts anyone?

Everyone knows red is the national color of Valentine’s Day. So let’s get this party started with some red finds! And like always, target had some GREAT red hot items! Check them out by clicking each photo.

What about for us pink lovers?

Don’t worry babes! I’ve got you covered too! I pulled together some stunning blush pink finds from one of my fave affordable fashion brands SHEIN! Check them out by clicking each photo.

But what if I just want the basics?

Not much of a color girl? Look, I get it! I generally only wear black, white, and the occasional pastel color. So, I found my fave minimalist (with a little edge) looks that are perfect for all you Pretty Little Things! Just the basics for this Valentine’s Day! Check them out by clicking each photo.

Dress your best this Valentine’s Day!

Found something perfect for your perfect date? Share it with me by tagging #MyDDiary so I can see all you hot mamas this Valentine’s Day! I know I’ll be wearing a lil somethin’ somethin’ that I may or may not have whipped up myself đŸ˜‰


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