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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Love is the greatest refreshment in life.

Pablo Picasso, Artist

It’s the season of love, can you believe it! It’s already here and upon us! This year, I have scoured the depths of the small business internet for these gifts. I’ve got your typical flowers, candles, chocolates, you know the typical goodies, but then a few unique finds that will make your date swoon for sure! So if you love gifting local, stay tuned!

The Best Bouquet Ever

No seriously! So story time! When Fielder and I moved into our apartment I was hinting that the place would feel like a home after we freshened up the room with some flowers. On his way home he had to swing by the Dime Store for something and found ZellaAndKay flowers! He picked a bunch just for me and brought them home! They are PERFECT! ZellaAndKay specialize in handmade felt flowers, so they’l never die! They’re still extremely romantic because you’d rather spend $60 on a rose bouquet that won’t die, am I right?!

Hand Poured Soy Candles Anyone?

Is your special valentine a candle fanatic like mine? Like no really, we have two or three candles in every room of our apartment.. we are obsessed. His favorite candle is from Circle21 Scented Soy Candles in the scent Pompeii Cider. This candle has notes of pomegranate with undertones of all spice and just a splash of nutmeg. Seriously the best candle in our collection. With 15 scents to choose from, you can pick up some of the favorites at Wilkonson Fine Goods in Denton, or on their website!

Heart Shaped Hand Poured (and filled) Designer Chocolates?

Nothing says “I love you” on valentines day more than a well thought out chocolate box! And why not design a box of 15 bon bons for your sweet heart at Kate Weiser Chocolate in the heart of Trinity Groves in Dallas! That’s one thing Fielder has ALWAYS done for me, even since our first date! With over 35 flavors of bon bons, 4 heart shaped candy bars, and (my personal favorite!) Carl the Snowman! Surprise your valentine with some Kate Weiser today! Don’t live in DFW? Don’t worry! SHE SHIPS!

Love is not only something you feel, it’s something you do”

David Wilkerson

And If You’re Looking to Splurge…

Like I mentioned before, one of the Denton Local Businesses I will CONTINUE to go back to again and again is Wilkinson Fine Goods. SO. If you’re looking to spoil your lady this year, why not spoil her with something as one of a kind as she is? The last time I was in the shop (Which is pretty regularly since I am working with Clint on a SECRET PROJECT!) Clint had a similar version of this clutch in the shop for sale! Looking to go big or go home this year? Definitely give Clint a call!

And if you’re rocking the single train this season-

BABE TREAT YO SELF. You deserve all the self love too! It is 1010% percent okay to show yourself a little love this season. Get dressed up, call your girlfriends, go have a Galentine’s Day to remember! Then come home to a box of Kate Weiser chocolate and a hand poured soy candle and watch your favorite movie! These gifts aren’t just for lovers!

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