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Snap 151, The Next Sweet Tooth Hotel

Happy Saturday loves! Are you stuck wondering what to do this weekend? Well, good news for you! DFW’s newest photo attraction since the Sweet Tooth Hotel is OPEN! This week, I had the opportunity to experience and explore Snap151. Fort Worth’s first immersive selfie-centric space! With eight interactive photo ops, featuring local artists like Ashley Longshore, The Color Condition, and a few more! Guys, when I say this exhibit blew my expectations out of the water, IT DID! The curators of the space took everything into consideration, my favorite though is the cotton candy they offer! A perfect photo prop, for the perfect photo op!

Photo By Reba Faye Imagery

A Perfect photo prop, for the perfect photo opt!

The Sweet Truth

From the moment you walk up to Snap151, you know you’re in for a colorful treat. The outside windows showcase a brightly striped spectacle of what the inside offers. Once you walk inside, you’re greated by the biggest smiles and “Welcome to Snap151! Do you want a cotton candy?” UH. YES PLEASE! And you start your journey through 8 selfie-centric photo ops! One of the things I liked about the exhibit is that its so interactive and friendly. I know people who have young kids, and they want to experience places like this, but are afraid of their kids ruining something. BUT! Snap151 is totally a kid friendly environment! You can let your kids explore knowing that its safe, fun, and absolutely adorable! Snap151’s instastories with the babies are my FAVORITE!

Another thing is the versatility of each of the photo ops. For me, I chose to be kind of fun and silly with my photos. Some others there went the opposite and were very artsy. Using the neon lights to reflect off of crazy metallic shoes and clothes! There are hundreds of ways to shoot photos in this space, which makes it great for fashionistas all the way down to families just hanging out! Snap151’s instagram showcases the versatility of their exhibit PERFECTLY!

Great for fashionistas and families alike!

From Alice in Wonderland sized flower gardens, down to the cutest pooch in Fort Worth, Pixel. Snap151’s immersive photo exhibit brings one of a kind artistic talent to the community, as well as a fun and inclusive experience for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a girls night out, or an adorable date night. Snap151 covers all the bases! Located in Fort Worth’s shopping center of Westbend, the location could not be more perfect! Plenty to do and see before an after, you won’t want to miss this experience! Get your tickets here for Snap151 and experience a unique immersive selfie exhibit!

Still Not Convinced?

Check out my personal photos brought to you by Reba Faye Imagery of my complete visit to Snap151! I even snagged a few photo’s with Fort Worth Blogger The Basic Blogger B*tch too!

As always, XOXO D.W

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