Top 10 Moments of 2018

Hello loves and Happy -Almost- New year!! Can you believe it?! Today is the last day of 2018! This year for me has been full of so many exciting moments, it’s unbelievable! From getting engaged in the most beautiful art exhibit, to graduating with my dream degree, getting married, and so much more! PHEW! I don’t know how 2019 will stand up to this year of beautiful firsts! Today I just wanted to share my favorite moments with all of you loves! You’ll find my top 10 of 2018 below! Enjoy loves!

Getting engaged in the Monet exhibit

In January, the love of my life proposed to me in Rome’s beautiful Monet exhibit. Let me begin by saying I had NO idea! For real, no clue he would do it here! His original plan was a friends trip to Marfa. But, while that would have been just as memorable. The Monet exhibit was so intimate!  Fielder is an art collector, so proposing in an art collection was truly just so him!

Finding my dream dress

In March, I found my dream wedding dress at Sunday’s Bridal store! And SO within budget! I wore a House of Wu dress that we snagged a the sample size for only $600! I knew it was the perfect dress when I put it on and it fit like a glove! I hardly needed any alterations! It also was an exact color match to my mothers train. Which we connected to my wedding dress.

I spoke at an international conference on research I completed

That’s right, I had the pleasure to speak and lead a lecture at NCUR 2018! Through college, I completed my research 3D Printing for Mass Production Purposes. This was a beyond unbelievable experience. Not only was it challenging, it pushed me to my knowledge and forced me to stay openminded. But I met so many amazing speakers there! The amazing part was out of the hundreds of researchers and speakers there, I was one of four major fashion talks. So you can imagine the nerves!

Fashion iece chosen to walk FGI Fashion Show, HUGE honor!

This beautiful 70s inspired two peice wool suit walked the biggest runway event in Texas for college students. It was truly an honor to watch my peice walk with the amazingly talented designers in Texas. I also had no idea! You don’t know until the day of the show! AND, I was the only Twu student chosen to walk in this show!

Graduated with a Dream Degree

With honors, Cum Laude, after speaking at an international conference, having pieces walk in amazing shows. I was trying not to cry here, can you tell? College was always a struggle for me. I have a hard time focusing just due to the personality I have. But the research gave me a focus and helped push me! And fun fact, I started college on probation because I had such a low SAT score. My first semester I had to pass with a 3.0 or higher or I couldn’t continue. The first semester I made a 4.0 and it was all uphill from there!

Got married!

I married my dream man. A man who has seen me through the best days, and some of my worst. The lord blessed me with this art loving and passionate gentleman, I could not have asked for more!

Honeymooned in a city full of life

So yeah, Seattle isn’t your typical honeymoon city. But it was an adventure the whole time! We loved exploring the city as a newly wed couple! I especially loved exploring the nooks and crannies of the Pikes Place Market! All of the flowers, fish, coffee shops, and goodies you can imagine! Defiantly a city we will visit again!

Recycled couture premier designer

Beyond anything I could have imagined. I completed a recycled couture project for an exclusive photoshoot her in DFW led by the amazing photographer Chevy Chev! Myself and one other designer created 8 pieces that showcased recycled goods! This FOR SURE pushed my design limits to the max!

First holiday together!

Holidays will never be the same! We spent our first holiday together as a married couple and it was beyond amazing! From getting to experience his full family holiday, to Fielder wearing his first set of matching PJs with 8 other people! This holiday season is one for the books!

Adopted our first pet

We adopted our first pet this year! And I introduced our sweet baby girl, Toph, in a blog post about our first week with her! You can read it here! Boy was it CRAZY! But, while she was a little bit of a rough start, we have loved how she makes our home feel complete!

In the end,

As we end 2018, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you, my fellow followers. Because without you, the blog would not be where it is at today! 2019 will be an amazing year! I can’t wait to share it with you!


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