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Holiday Gift Guide: Local Edition

Hello Loves and Happy Small Business Saturday!

Who else loves the local artisan talent we have in DFW, and especially Denton?! While my black friday shopping adventure was fun, See my stories on my instagram here, Small Business Saturday is my favorite day to shop for holiday gifts! So for all you local Dentonites and online Etsy shoppers, I’ve created this Holiday Shopping guide for you!

When you’re supporting a small business, you’re supporting a dream.

Zella & Kay

Don’t you just hate it when someone brings you a gorgeous bouquet, and you know within the week its probably going to wilt and die? Well, with Zella & Kay, they’ve solved this problem with their stunning handmade arrangements, all made from felt! I found this brand when my husband actually brought me home a bouquet when we were moving into our apartment. These little suckers are just the perfect addition to any room, and come in a variety of flowers and shapes! Find these flowers on or at the local Denton Dime Store!

Austin Street Apothecary

Bet all of y’all from denton didn’t know we had a FABULOUS 100% natural skincare line in our own backyard?! Austin Street Apothecary is a brand I have been using for years. My fav product is probably the baby butter. I use it on my elbows, heels and ankles, knees, and my cuticules to provide a safe and natural smooth to my skin. Other products of theirs include the clay mask, cleansing oils, beard oils, and so many more wonderfully made products. Find these products on or at the local Denton Dime Store!

Denton Trading Co.

This store really has it all. From adorable boutique clothes, to local artisans who make jewelry and other fine goods! I think my favorite thing about DTC is they have the funniest sense of humor with some of their products. My favorite being the makeup bag to go that just states “Maybe she’s born with it, Maybe it’s an instagram filter”! A perfect place to find someone special something truly unique! Find all of the goodies DTC has to offer at 112 W Oak Street, Denton, TX.

Wilkinson’s Fine Goods

My wallet, key fob, and future tote bag have all been handcrafted by the Clint Wilkinson. If you’re still looking for that one WOW gift and have a little bit more cash to drop, pop into Clint’s storefront and check out some of his past project and see him at work! If you’ve lived in Denton a while, you may remember the country store Weldon’s right off the square. Well, Weldon was Clint’s dad and he passed down the art of leatherwork to him! And oh by gosh by golly he is one talented man, so talented he is a leather worker for the Bush foundation and the Bush Center! Find all of his works at or pop into his storefront on 347 E Hickory Denton, TX

Amyx Fine Jewelry

This gemologist certified duo has every gem and stone and metal you can imagine in their store. In fact, these guys actually helped Fielder find the perfect diamond for my wedding ring! Almost all of my jewelry has been purchased here. Whether it was at their annual silver or color sale, or I used their layaway options. Amyx Fine jewelry has made getting “adult jewelry” so easy and simple! Joe and Laura are a brother and sister who can help you find the perfect piece to add to your collection. Find them online at or at their storefront location right by The Denton Community Theater!

Shop small business and support a dream!

Head over to my instagram post and let me know where you are shopping today! Supporting local businesses in your hometown and online will never go out of style. Be sure to always tag your finds with #MyDDiary so I can find and see what you loves are getting! Have a favorite small business that I didin’t share? Head over to my instagram post and comment your fav small business so I can check them out!




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