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Clairisonic and Me: How the Mia Prima Changed My Skincare Routine

Hello Loves and happy Friday!

Has anyone else put up their Christmas tree yet? We already did last weekend! With this cold weather spell, we thought it was only right to break out the hot cocoa, Christmas music, and put up our FIRST family Christmas tree!! But today on the blog, I am bringing to you loves something SO cool, SO powerful, and SO one of a kind! It changed my skincare routine for sure!

“Something I use everyday, and I feel a

difference when I don’t use it”

I am so excited to be partnering with Clarisonic this holiday season to be bringing you my full review of their Mia Prima cleansing brush! This little powerful gal has changed my skincare game for the better. Pro skincare tip, did you know that on any given day, your skin is exposed to dozens of toxins? From chemicals in makeup to pollution outside, your skin can take a beating! With the Mia Prima, it’s clinically proven to cleanse skin 6x better than hands alone and remove long-wear makeup 89% better than wipes. Which is great for your skin! You get a deeper clean and your brush won’t harbor bacteria overtime after each use. Now, this is something I use everyday, twice a day, and I feel a difference when I don’t use it.

Pairing the Mia Prima with Kiehl’s Cleanser

What I loved about this pairing was that my skin felt soft and supple after each use. The kiehl’s cleanser helps remove dirt and debris without over-drying or stripping skin. Meaning that you’re guaranteed a deep and gentle clean each use. For me, I found that using this in the morning first thing was what worked best for my skin.

I have combination skin that is super sensitive to any change in skincare routine. So, trying new skincare makes me a little nervous. BUT!  This pH-balanced cleanser helps maintain skin’s natural balance. Formulated with Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, Kiehl’s gentle face wash is suitable for all skin types. So even if you’re nervous to mix up your routine, you can rest assure that your skin is in good hands with kiehl’s foaming cleanser. 

“My skincare routine is always my top

priority, Clarisonic has made it easy for it to

stay that way.”

My skincare journey has been full of ups and downs. From a skin cancer scare at 16, to hormonal cystic acne that will regularly rear its ugly head. My skincare routine is always my top priority, so naturally I would use the #1 US Dermatologist recommended cleansing device! Proven and safe to use 2x daily even for sensitive skin, my skin is always healthy and happy every day! 

What I love about the Mia Prima is that is is affordable compared to other sonic facial cleaners. This little guy is a great gift for the skincare lover in your life. For this holiday season, you can bing home a Mia Prima fr only $99. Something any skincare lover would love to find under the tree! So from me to you, make that skincare lover glow like a Christmas tree and get them or yourself a Mia Prima!


This post is sponsored by Clarisonic, Kiehl’s, and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The D. Diaries possible!

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