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Dip, Brush, Rinse, SMILE! Bianco Smile Charcoal Whitening Powder

Happy Sunday-Funday Loves!

I have been trying out the Bianco Smile Charcoal Whitening powder this past week and BOY! I am so in love with this natural way to whiten your teeth! I have already seen a difference with just seven days of use. So much so, even Fielder has jumped on board! It has made getting ready for the wedding so easy and simple, its my new secret I recommend to all of my friends getting married!

How it works

So we’ve all heard that charcoal is the holy grail of beauty products. Charcoal basically acts as a sponge for toxins and sucks all of the bad stuff up then cleanses. That’s just how the whitening powder works! When you use the charcoal regularly, over time it will absorb the plaque and leave a bright pearly white smile! Not only will it help with whitening, but studies have shown that it will actually decrease the bacteria in your mouth and further prevent the start of cavities! Thats enough to make anyone smile!

It must taste gross though…being charcoal and all

WRONG! Bianco smile has formulated their charcoal whitening powder to taste minty fresh! And since it is a safe and all natural product, you can use it daily! I stick to using it right before bed which is easy to remember for me. Some of their other products include toothpastes, charcoal whitening gels, toothbrushes, and charcoal whitening strips! So, if you’re not into the powder, try one of their other products!

How can I try my own Bianco Smile products!

Just head on over to the Bianco Smile here! Don’t forget to use the code LILLIA15 to get 15% off your purchase of ANY product online! My favorite is obviously the whitening powder, but the charcoal toothpaste is always fun!

Don’t Forget To Dip, Brush, Rinse, and Smile!

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