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Review of the NEW Rimmel Wonder Ombre Pencil

Hello loves, and long time no read! Am I right?!

WOW has life thrown a curve ball at me this past month! It has been a struggle to find any time at all to blog and even post on instagram! But we are back and READY to rock and roll! So I thought I’d kick back off with some rock and roll worthy makeup review!

What is this “Wonder Ombre” you speak of?!

Well, first of all it is a dual ended eye pencil that comes with a subtle end on one side, and the other has a holographic effect liner is a complimentary shade! The shades range from a typical charcoal and gold pencil, to a green on green styled pencil! The “wonder ombre” part stems from first putting down your subtle color, then smoking out the look with the bold holographic color. I have had so much fun playing with this pencil to create sultry smokey eye looks, all the way to a fun ombre cat eye!

How does it wear though?

So, I have have watery eyes that make wearing eyeliner on my inner water lines a bit hard and even around my eye hard! By the end of the day sometimes I look like a wide eyed racoon starring into the headlights of an oncoming car! And we all know that’s just not cute… BUT this sucker seemed to stay on and stay PUT which I really did enjoy. I did set the area with some setting spray to hold it all together and help it stay in place. Overall, it stayed on for most of the day. The only part that faded was the gold ombre part juuuust a bit. Which in my opinion is okay! I wore my look for 12 hours and it lasted, imagine for one event thats only 4! I ended up pairing this look with the Scandaleyes mascara for an even bigger edge on this look.

So what’s the price for this magic ombre pencil?

For the ripe old price of $5.49 from target, this double sided eyeliner pencil could be yours to create your own fun and fierce looks with! For this product, it is such an affordable and FUN product to have in your makeup collection, I wouldn’t hesitate!! The mascara I paired with it was also $5.49 and I have been in LOVE with the fluffy brush it has. Full and faned out lashes on top of a smoked out ombre eyeliner? Honey, YAAAAS! So much love for this new product!


As always loves, share your smokey and fun looks with me by using the hashtag #MyDDiary so we can all share our best kept secrets together!



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