Ready for Dewy Skin?

Hello again loves!

Today I am coming at you with another (Yes ANOTHER) product review! I received the new Maybelline New York Fit me! Dewy + Smooth Foundation and Face Studio Master Primer!! And let me tell you, I had some doubts overall about this process, but I am all smiles today! I joined the community of Influester, a blogger/make up artist/reviewer community that encourages you to blog about and review products! If you know me, you know I have a LOT to say, so naturally I joined!

The second campaign was this #FitMeDewy Campaign! What I received was the Master Prime Hydrate + Smooth primer along with the Fit Me Dewy+Smooth foundation in my shade! SO LOVES! If you love a good drugstore foundation, strap in and hold on tight!

First Impression

It was my wrong shade! This error was NOT influenster or Maybelline’s fault though! I forget that in the winter I become vampire skin so, while i received a 115 Ivory, I am probably a 110 or 105 ivory! When I opened the bottle, it did have a sunscreenish scent, meaning it probably has high spf! This is something I make a requirement in ALL my foundation. Skin cancer and skin tags are no joke. I learned the hard way at 16! The foundation was in a large glass bottle coming in at one ounce and retails at $7.99!

The primer was in a tube very similar to another company’s primer tubes. (hmmmm) But it had a full fluid ounce of product, retailing at $9.99, and a locking lid that kept it nice and tightly closed! No leaks! This is a primer and base, meaning its going to hold my foundation on (potentially) all day!


So now to applying the primer before I apply my foundation. The primer went on smooth and had a nice tacky feel to it after I rubbed and patted it into my face. It had a slight soothing effect that I liked, but it could have just been cold! I made sure to look at my face before and after application and I did notice slight differences. Minor blurring of my pores did occur (HOLLA!) Which means I can wear just the primer if I had a long study night! Can you say #CollegeHack?

The foundation that was a shade to dark was next! Nervous, I applied MINIMAL amounts to my makeup sponge and gently in circular patting motions applied it to my face. After my first cheek didn’t turn out orange, I have hope and continued down the whole face! One thing is for sure, It applied smoothly, made my pores disappear, and definitely was not a matte finish! This foundation is a dewy look so your face looks healthy and glowing, which some may not like! Me though, I was loving it. I did notice some streaks around where my smile lines are at first, but after setting the makeup it was okay!

All Day Approved?

On this particular day, I was up at 6, sewing by 7, shower, ate, packed lunch by 9, Starbucks at 9:15, work 10-5, class 6-9, then sewing again till midnight. PHEW! I had primer and foundation on by 9AM-12AM, and it really didn’t budge. The foundation was slightly cracked by my chin, and a tiny bit by one eyebrow. (But I think I scratched it?) Another thing was the dewy look had turned slightly oily on my forehead and chin, but it still looked healthy, not oily. The areas I had set were still beautiful and held into place by translucent powder, so they had time to bake and create a hold to my skin.┬áIt did last all day though, so I was impressed that it did!

Final Verdict

Overall, I would recommend this product to you ladies and gents who need a nice soft foundation with medium coverage. It did last 15 hours with minimal cracking and minimal oil popping up, which in my opinion means the foundation is a 4 star product!! The primer I give 5 stars because of how luxurious it felt on my skin and the fact it is versatile! By itself, or under foundation, the primer is my new favorite for sure.

Well loves thats it for now! Stay tuned for more goodies I am reviewing soon!


*I received this product for free in exchange for my HONEST review and experience! Want to join? Use this link to join today and get free product in your mailbox!*

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