My Life Update: How He Popped the Question

Hello loves!!

I am so excited to be sharing with you my proposal story today!! It’s definitely one to remember and for sure the happiest moment in my life thus far. Fielder, my fiancé, for sure outdid himself with the whole proposal! Even though he didn’t HAVE ANY OF IT PLANNED! He did the whole thing on the fly! But it was so perfect how it happened.

So first off, it was delayed a day because I’m a talker..(oops)

If you’ve met me you know I’ll talk your ear off. Like seriously I could talk to someone I just met for days. I am such an outgoing personality and it really shows when you throw me into a large group! So, the night he wanted to pop the question I was in a deep, over an hour long, conversation with a girl. We were talking about her views on atheism as a matter a fact, and I was explaining to her my beliefs on Christianity. So obviously an intense conversation! And all of this was happening on the Tomb of the fatherland also known as the Altare Della Patria, which is STUNNING at night! But me being me, I was just talking to someone the whole time!

So we saw my professor, and gave Fielder the brilliant idea

So, after I peeled away from the conversation after over an hour, we walked around the plaza area there because we didn’t have time to actually go anywhere. But, my professor walked up and told us about this stunning monet exhibit just behind the monument. The exhibit consisted of almost a complete collection of monet’s paintings, and they had taken his water lily collection and made it into moving art that when touched ripples like a puddle. Absolutely gorgeous!

SO! Fielder then immediately said we have to go there tomorrow and he knew right then that’s where he was going to propose, told our photographer friend Casey, and planned the whole thing while I’m over talking to my professor (again just obviously unaware of what was happening behind me!)

In the room where it happened

So Thursday afternoon we happened to have about 5 hours of free time. Which in this 5 hours we crammed in a trip to the best cigar store in Italy, photoshoot at the Trevi fountain, Gelato stop, wine store, trip to Zara, AND the grand finale, the Monet exhibit. And we basically walked everywhere, which is a feat in itself! PHEW!

While we were in Zara’s, Fielder was super upset I was shopping (as usual!) and kept asking how much longer, looking at his watch, talking to our friend and photographer Casey, and it just wasn’t clicking with me why he was so impatient!

After hailing a cab and driving to the Alter of the Fatherland, we finally entered the Monet exhibit. The first hallway was filled with moving works of art, which for me was just jaw dropping. Fielder introduced me to Monet and his extraordinary work back when we first were dating and to see it moving, I was in awe.

Fielder is a big all about the experience kind of guy, so when I was using the little walker they give you that tells you about the art, he kindly reminded me to “experience the moment and enjoy”. Which, again I was just oblivious to the fact that he was not even looking at the art. He was looking around at all the people and hoping room to room, SUPER unlike him in a gallery!

We get to the very end of the exhibit in front of a painting called Wisteria. I’m enjoying the moment and he asks if I want a picture, again SUPER unlike him, but I’m too tired and just happy he wants a picture! So we turn towards the painting and he kisses me, and says “I love you, will you marry me?” And y’all. I FROZE. LITERALLY IN PLACE. Till he’s finally on his knee with a bright red James Allen box in his hands. I start crying, like ugly crying out of sheer shock and joy. I just kept saying yes until the ring was on my finger!

BUT THEN YALL THE RING GETS STUCK. Like actually stuck because I’m so swollen and dehydrated from traveling. I remember saying I’m making this fit because it was just so surreal and such a stunning ring! I wanted to show off this puppy!! So after we left, we grabbed a coffee and headed off to our opera dinner to enjoy a wonderful dinner and evening together.

Y’all I am so excited to be marrying this man. I can’t express just how happy I am with him. Even if he is a sassafras sometimes (if you know him you know)!

If you want details on the ring, head on over to my instagram (@thed.diaries) and check it out! I am absolutely head over heels for this baby!

Stay tuned for some wedding planning tips and tricks coming soon from my experience!!


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