Broke Girls Guide to Travel the World

Hello loves!

So recently I did a poll on my facebook page asking you my readers what you all wanted to read next! An astounding 100% of you on one poll voted for how to travel cheap! WOAH! I was blown away! So here I am today to share some tips and tricks for traveling the world on a broke girl (or guy) budget!

You’ve got to want it.

Its one thing to dream of travel, its another to say I am doing it. When I first started having the urge to travel I found myself making pinterest board after pinterest board of destinations I dreamed of seeing one day. Foreign excursions aren’t cheap and take some sacrifice, but you’ve got to want to go first off!

Find your budget

Anyone can travel, repeat it with me, Anyone can travel! You can do that dream vacation to the French Riviera for under 2K, it IS possible! When I want to go somewhere I always think about the length first and how much I am willing to spend per day. I budget about $50 daily while I am there, then a cushion of $150 just incase. I have never spent more than 3K on a trip, and the 3K trip was to Paris and London for a fashion tour, so it was a splurge trip for me.

I generally save for 8-14 months for a trip, and while I am saving I am pricing flights, pricing hotels and now air bnb’s, and planning what to do so I can budget for that! On average, I spend $1,700 on a European stay for 10 days. This includes flight, hotel/hostel/air bnb, and daily budget. Crazy right?!

Use your flight miles

I save sometimes a thousand dollars on my international flight when I use my air miles. Now, two ways to gain mile. Get a credit card and shop at their partners and earn double points on purchases, or fly to a lot of local places in the US. I generally go for the first option! This way, you can save some money on those flights, or even get an upgrade for a business class or first class ticket!

Hotel, Hostel, or Airbnb?

I have stayed in a hotel and hostel before when I travel. However, an airbnb is also a new 21st century option for people on a smaller budget. An airbnb also gives you an opportunity to stay like a local or be hosted in someones home, always kind of a fun option! I have stayed with locals a few times and it was a blast! It is like a cultural immersion, which can be really fun. As I have never used the airbnb option, I have seen nights as low as $30 to as high as $150 a night places. Depending on size and luxury of the place you stay.

Hostels are a great way to make international friends and meet fellow world explorers. My experience in a hostel was great! We did have 8 people in a room though, so if you are claustrophobic, this option maaay be a tight squeeze for you! For a weekend in Berlin, I payed 60 Euros for my whole weekend stay at the hostel. And it was a nice hostel too!

Hotels are a guarantee clean environment, breakfast included, not quite luxury, but a comfortable stay. I have stayed in the ibis hotel chain and have thoroughly enjoyed my stay! It just again, all comes down to how much did you budget and what do you want to experience! My hotel stays have been a bit pricer at the average of $60 a night. Which still, is not bad at all!! You get a comfortable stay, breakfast, and most of the hotel employees know the best local spots to check out!

Look into the best times of year to travel and buy flights, hotels, ect.

I always travel to Europe in January or late in the year. Why? Its cheaper! This is their off season so everything tends to be cheaper than in the summer time. It may be colder, but the money you save is worth the extra jacket. Trust me! Always be on the lookout for flight deals, and if you see your flight drop in price or hotel stay, book it!

A dream vacation is a dream vacation summer, fall, winter, or spring! On a budget, or luxury! It doesn’t matter as long as you are exploring and seeing what you’ve dreamed about! Also, huge shoutout to the Keep Exploring company for always encouraging young folks to keep exploring and expand our horizons! Keep exploring also does sponsorships (click to register)! SOOOOOO!! If you wanted to go camping in Yellowstone but need the money to get up there, you can apply to keep exploring for a $100-$200 grant! When planning a trip, a little goes a long way! For keep exploring group, the more outdoorsy you are the better, but it never hurts to try!

Ask your relatives for money.

Like no seriously, ask them. 9 times out of 10 they would love to see you seeing the Eiffel Tower, the roman ruins, or whatever else you have your heart set on! And if they say no, hey at least you gave it a shot! Ask for money on birthdays and holidays instead of gifts and tell them you’re saving for a big trip. I guarantee they will support you!

Well loves I hope my tips inspired you to get out and see the world like a true explorer! As always, share with your friends if you like what you read! And head over to keep exploring and apply for their travel sponsorship!


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