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Packing 101: Efficiently Pack in a Carry On!

Okay loves, a miracle happened today…I packed for a 10 day Italy and Greece tour IN A CARRY ON! (Dun dun DUUUUN) I still am IN SHOCK! Looking at everything laid out and then looking at my carryon, guys it is a miracle from the Lord himself. Over the past four years of travel though, I have perfected my system of packing and through countless international trips, the system is now perfect. And now I will share it with all of you so you too can pack in a carry on!!

Pro Tip 1: Get a general itinerary

It doesn’t have to be finalized, but a general day to day idea of what you will do and what you will see! Im my itineraries I always include weather, because you don’t want to be in shorts in 50 degree weather or a sweater in 80 degrees either! This will also help weed out wants over needs in your packing and start to give you a centralized idea of the type of clothing you need to pack.

Pro Tip 2: Research the “street style” of the location(s) you’re going to

TRUST ME! Dressing like a local will sometimes mean better service, better interactions, and overall better experience on your trip! It will also give you a feel of how dressy or casual to dress. You would be surprised at how many cities DO NOT dress in yoga pants and t shirts all day eryday. For me, I like to dress up on my vacations just a little bit more, like a cross between casual and business casual. So my street style tends to lean more towards the higher end side of the spectrum!

Pro Tip 3: Make a list of what you want to wear, then remake the list

Thats right, after research, make a list of what you want to wear. Get on pinterest and find some things, play with outfits you already have, have fun! Then once you have all of that picked out, make another list of what you will actually wear, because lets face it, do you really need 8 shirts, 4 cardigans, and 6 pairs of pants? But hey! Now you have a great selection to choose favorites from!

I follow this rule 2-3-4-5, 2 outerwear, 3 pants, 4 accessories, 5 tops. For a longer trip, over a week like my trip I am planning now, I generally throw 2 t shirts in there for just in case circumstances. Also on this trip I am planning on attending an opera, SO I have to plan for that as well, which means an extra overall outfit. No big deal though! I made it fit!

Pro Tip 4: Make a daily wear chart

This may seem excessive chartiness at this point but trust me, it is magic. This new chart helps and reminds me what I am wearing each day. It includes date, location going, weather, makeup look, pant, top, accessory, and shoe for that day. SUPER helpful and it also lets me catch a few extra Z’s each morning! It also doubles as your did I forget anything list! PERFECT for every traveler in my opinion. I then throw this list into my carry on and away we go!

Pro Tip 5: Roll your clothes, like a burrito

Yes thats right, basically make all your stuff look like giant burritos and squeeze it into your suitcase/carry-on. This saves space and you can even roll each individual outfit you have prepared! Perfect pro tip for packing a lot in a little bag! You can even put some rolls in your shoes you are packing! (or fill those with underwear and socks!) This also helps with wrinkles in the end, although some wrinkles still will happen, creases will be decreased!

Pro Tip 6: For makeup and bath, $.99 jars from Walmart are your friend

I love my skincare routine, and I have to have it. But you cant take your bottles and jars with you on a one quart bag! SO I just head over to wally world (or target if you don’t want to be in a wally world) and get $.99 jars from the travel section and fill-er-up! This makes all your makeup and lotions compact and fit the 3-1-1 TSA rules! Now in a check bag, just put them in gallon baggies and call it good!

Pro Tip 7: The most important tip

HAVE FUN! Its a vacation!! Enjoy your time away from home exploring and sight seeing and trying new things! Try something new, take a risk, have a memorable adventure! You won’t regret having fun, even if you do forget to pack something! (Which ALWAYS happens to me, its usually my toothbrush)

Well loves I hope this helps you pack for your adventures! And if you know me, be proud I fit all this into one carryon! Because I sure am! Don’t forget to share this post, because sharing is caring! See you loves next time!


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