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NYFW Round Two: Sincerely Sophie Ying Collaboration

Hello again loves!

NYFW is over and the fashion world may have already moved onto London Fashion Week, but I am over here still on cloud nine as I have been receiving pictures from my SECOND NYFW custom garment! Sincerely Sophie Ying is a blog run by a dear friend of mine Sophie, and I had the honor of making her a hot mama on the red carpet of the Kate Atelier. (Yes, RED CARPET) And she looked smoking hot! I just wanted to again share some of the inspiration and design process behind the Sophie Suit.

We wanted bold, beautiful, but still classy

Sophie’s wardrobe when we are in class is a casual comfortable that is classy. So we took this style up a knotch for NYFW and created the soft wash knit body suit with satin lacing and binding on the chest and neck. What I loved about this garment was the simplicity of it. It wasn’t as flashy as Breshell’s garment, but captured the powerful nature of Sophie perfectly.

So ya see, what happened was…

So Sophie was supposed to have 3 (yes 3) garments for NYFW. What happened you ask? Life, life happened. This summer has been the busiest summer of my life by far. Between NYFW designs, internship, my own business, some family emergencies, to say I was busy is an under statement. What I love about Sophie is her flexibility and understanding. Both of us hold family as #1 in our books, so she understood completely when I was unable to finish these final two garments this season. (BUT they are coming soon (; )

The inspiration for this original piece was different than most garments I have made.

I feel like Sophie is one of the most stunning people I have every laid my eyes on. Like for real, flawless skin, curves, and a powerful attitude to match. So, she needed a garment to show off flawless skin, curves, and her powerful attitude! This garment was inspired by Sophie herself. For me if Sophie were a garment, this would be it. In our first fitting, she even said “This is the first piece of clothing i have felt beautiful in”, something every designer loves hearing from their clients.

As a designer, it is my goal to make every woman, man, person feel absolutely stunning, beautiful, and confident in their one of a kind garment. With Sophie, I hit the nail right on the head. It has been a pleasure to make my best friend feel all of those things and I cannot WAIT to make more customs for her!!


I love love love doing collabs and customs for people. I find it is the perfect way for me to test and perfect my skills as a seamstress. My studio’s facebook page┬áhas a full album of all the garments I have had the pleasure of creating. Feel free to give it a like and follow! Stay smiling!




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