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My First (But certainly Not Last) NYFW Designs

Hello loves and welcome back!

So some SERIOUSLY exciting news! I got the first OFFICIAL pictures back from fellow blogger and radio host Breshell straight from the streets of NYFW. In a garment I MADE! I have been honored to get to collaborate with Breshell this summer to design a contemporary street wear look that is versatile and sustainable fashion. And oh so good looking on her too may I add. I wanted to write this post today to share a little bit of the backstory behind this collaboration!

This piece was inspired by Victorian fashion elements.

I love historical pieces, costuming, art museums who have great fashion collections in them, I find so much inspiration from the past. We incorporated a variation of the leg of mutton sleeves into the bodysuit, to incorporate victorian elements. The wedding cuff style I found to be a stunning detail to any piece. I created functional wedding cuffs for the bodysuit, so Breshell would have the ability to leave them open or closed if she wanted. Accentuating the waist with a bold long satin tie was also inspired by the tiny tiny waists of the victorian era. As we all know, Victorian women apparently didn’t like to breathe! (I made mine adjustable so Breshell could still breathe).

The material I used for the skirt was also inspired by the Victorian gowns. Satin has always been considered a luxury fabric, and lets be real, it is a stunning fabric. So naturally, I applied the fabric to a double sided maxi wrap skirt and boom. We have a showstopper.

Contemporary elements brought it back to the 21st century.

Breshell and my style are very similar. We both love contemporary wear and feeling classy (and a bit sexy) in clothes. So with this piece in particular, we threw in both! The asymmetrical collar brought in an empowered business woman side (just look at Breshell’s fierce face!) that I love to see on contemporary pieces. We also used contemporary materials like a suiting material, to make it look clean finished and crisp all around.

How this piece is sustainable fashion.

The definition of sustainable fashion is basically if you can wear it 10 separate times, it falls into sustainable fashion. What I love about this ensemble is that the body suit can be worn with jeans, skirts, pants, shorts, overalls, pretty much anything that you want to add a little edge too. Pair is with the bodysuit and boom, whole new and edgy look. The skirt can be worn many ways as well like over a pencil skirt, hot pants and crop top, over jeans, over a dress. Again, the skirt just has endless options!!

Well loves I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more about Breshell’s BEAUTIFUL NYFW outfit! Stay tuned for the SECOND (thats right, another outfit at NYFW!!) inspiration post of my NYFW designs!



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