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Tips for Thrifting : Broke Girls Guide to the Jackpot

Hello loves!

One thing I absolutely love doing is thrift shopping. With thrifting, its like stepping into your great aunts closet full of knick knacks and chic 70’s and 80’s clothing. You never know what you will find! Since Denton alone has about ten resale or thrift stores, I have become very acquainted with the do’s and don’ts of thrifting. Below I will share my favorite tips and tricks to thrifting, broke college girl style!

These designer brands you have most likely never heard about

Yves Saint Claire, VANELi, St. Johns Bay are all brands you may have never heard of, but when you google the price for some of these items, you’ll be shocked. Over time, you will become aware of these brands and you learn which ones are worth the price sticker. With these brands, they tend to be made from silk, lycra, rayon, or other now considered high end fabrics, making them great staples in your wardrobe.

The greatest thrift store find I ever had was a genuine angora fur coat in good condition. I paid $80 for it, compared to the $1,000+ fur coats at Nordstrom.

Fabrics like silk, rayon, wool, are considered “high end” now and will last you.

Investing in good clothing is something we often forget about in a day and age where fast fashion does 52 turns a year. Yes, 52 times a year a retailer could release something new and by the next week its already considered “out of style”. Many of these retailers work in 100% polyester, a cheaper material that is easy to produce for companies. With silks, rayons, wools, and (sometimes) cotton, these fabrics take time to produce, and back in the day they took their time and made them right. While they do often require proper care, they can become staples in your wardrobe if cared for properly!

Be ready to research labels and brands of clothing.

Looks foreign? Google it. Fancy name and label? Google it. No seriously, I have found my best finds by thinking “Thats a cool name!” and googling it for a second and winning big! I love researching clothing and find it so interesting some of the history brands have! Especially vintage clothing!

Find the “rich” part of town and hit that thrift store first.

These clothes tend to be the least worn, often have tags on them, and tend to not have that typical “thrift store” smell. With these stores you are also more likely to find current designer brands for less as well! My favorite high end thrift store is in Dallas called Genesis Benefit Thrift Store, an affordable thrift store full of vintage and current trends.

Hope you found this helpful!

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